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K-Dogs​  Kid​z  Mission​

In Memory of Kyle

A Voice For 

Innocent Children

Our Purpose and Mission

Wecome to the K-Dogs Kidz Mission, founded In Memory of Kyle as "A Voice For Innocent Children."

K-Dogs Mission specializes in Anti-Bullying and helping Children with Disabilities.  

K-Dogs will help in anything a child needs, as a mission or directing a parent to a better sorce for there situation.

See why K-Dogs Kidz Mission as a very small nonprofit, has followers from araound the world!

K-Dogs Kidz Mission reaches out as part of Belief in Motion project 127 Romania gypsy children through Ridgewood Church


Yes, K-Dogs Kidz is a Christian Based Mission.  However, all faith's are welcome and encoraged.  K-Dogs works with any churches that welcomes and can benefit from the mission.  K-Dogs favors to work one-on-one with all the school districts.  Please reach out if you know of any person, group, organization or school willing to 

have or need K-Dogs Kidz Mission.


  With 30+ years of working with children, helping them through many issues and having the chance to raise an incredible child.  K-Dogs founder started to use his experience to begin this mission.  Soon. others seen what was happening and how much more could be done with their help.  

  Now, members have taken this small mission and have made K-Dogs Kidz Mission the Legacy of Kyle Nicholas Rozman (the Original K-Dog)


  Created to Honor the Son of the Founder.   Kyle is the original K-Dog. The Top Rocker has K-DOGS starting with a Cross as the most important aspect followed by a Guitar after.  The goal was to get approval and recognition from the MC’s for a 3 Patched colors.    Some great organizations exist, they are a group of friends with a goal.  This desire was an oppertunity for K-Dogs Kidz to become Kyle's Legacy.   The center patch stems the Guitîar which got Kyle the nickname K-Dog based on his love and performance with Guitar Hero and soon the Guitar.   The Wings represent Kyles lift into Heaven by Angels.   The Setting Sun covers the endless sunsets seen together while the rays spread out as we go where the children need help, no territories in this Mission.   The Asian symbols are dedicated to Kyle growing up in a Martial Arts World.   K-Dogs Mission Statement, “A Voice For Innocent Children”. The Bottom Rocker began as  RIDGEWOOD representing the church that helped raise Kyle and gave permission to accept K-Dogs Kidz as an official Mission.   An MM side patch is only on the motorcycle members and   K-Dogs is an MM (Motorcycle Mission) with the backing of our first church, RIDGEWOOD Assemply Of God.  In 2020, RIDGEWOOD was replaced with MISSION.     


After a few changes to the K-Dogs Anti-Bullying symbol by the first Chapter President Jeff (Country).   The founder wanted to use a butterfly that represents the loss of a child for Kyle.   As a zombie, skull loving son, Kyle wouldn't be a regular butterfly.   Kyle would proudly accept a butterfly skull.


After putting out a request to come up with K-Dogs Kidz In Memory of Kyle, so many great ones were done.   This one was chosen for its more simplicity which would make great decals and patches.  Especially for the Harley-Davidson lovers.