K-Dogs​  Kid​z  Mission​

In Memory of Kyle

A Voice For 

Innocent Children


Making a huge impact on the K-Dogs Kidz Mission...

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  Allegheny Chapter 

Amazing leadership from everyone at Allegheny County.

Known for:

       * School Presentations

       * Community Events

        * K-Dogs Crawlers

        * K-Dogs KidzFest

        * Original K-Dogs Mission Muppets

The very first Muppet Mission (K-Dogs other MM)

Over the years, K-Dogs Kidz has been the first in many various new ideas.  Kyle (K-Dog) came up with the after school pickup at only 9 years old.  His father simply asked others to come along and ride.  Other than the size, the after school pickup continues to be exactly how Kyle believed it should be.