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K-Dogs​  Kid​z  Mission​

In Memory of Kyle

A Voice For 

Innocent Children


Making a huge impact on the K-Dogs Kidz Mission...

Contact: Allegheny Co. Chapter

Jeff Lash (Country)  

Allegheny Chapter President

Jeff Lash (Country) comes with a great background that was perfect for being the first chapter president of K-Dogs Kidz Mission.  All positions are voted on to bring everyone's ideas and chances to excel in K-Dogs.  Country is  a VA Nurse taking care of America's Veterans.  Country is also part of the BHO nonprofit (Bikers Helping Others in Westmorland Co.)

Jeff's leadership with the right members has become the standard for a successful K-Dogs Kidz Mission Chapter.  Allegheny has helped pave the way to the future expansion of the mission.

The very first Muppet Mission (K-Dogs other MM)

Over the years, K-Dogs Kidz has been the first in many various new ideas.  Kyle (K-Dog) came up with the after school pickup at only 9 years old.  His father simply asked others to come along and ride.  Other than the size, the after school pickup continues to be exactly how Kyle believed it should be.

Allegheny member Steve Kovscek (Rhino) became known for his Elmo fuzzy helmet cover.  Rhino inspired others to join with optional fuzzy helmet covers into what we jokingly refer to the Other MM (Muppet Mission).