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Innocent Children


All New K-Dogs Kidz Mission Takes Over Allegheny Control

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  Allegheny Mission

Reach out to the Original K-Dogs Kidz MissionImitated by other groups for the wrong reasons.  Unfortunate, trust is put in the hands of others for the children and TOO MANY see an opportunity for fraud.  Ex Allegheny Chapter (under legal investigation) will not stop K-Dogs Kidz Mission from helping any child.  Truly sorry for this instance.

Contact: [email protected] for assistance by the honorable members for your child's help.


The First K-Dogs Kidz Mission was through Ridgewood Church that helped in raising Kyle with Christ.

Over the years, K-Dogs Kidz has been the first in many various new ideas.  Kyle (K-Dog) came up with the after school pickup at only 9 years old.  His father simply asked others to come along and ride.  Other than the size, the after school pickup continues to be exactly how Kyle believed it should be.