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K-Dogs​  Kid​z  Mission​

In Memory of Kyle

A Voice For 

Innocent Children


by:    K-Dogs Kidz Mission

or K-Dogs Members attending/assisting

11/20/2021 Holidays Parade  - K-Dogs Lawrence Co

See K-Dogs members and float in the New Castle Light up Night Parade 3pm Downtown

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02/19/2022 Comedy Night  - K-Dogs Allegheny Chapter

Enjoy a night of Laughs as you help the children. 

Learn More

04/01 - 03/2022   Hometown Spring Market  -  K-Dogs Lawrence Mission

04/23/2022   Elijah's Birthday Ride  -  K-Dogs Butler Chapter

05/14/2022  Anti-Bullying Rockstar's  -  K-Dogs Lawrence Mission

07/23/2022  2nd Annual K-Dogs Kidz Festival  -  K-Dogs Allegheny Chapter

Not the best in website update.  Please contact or view each 

K-Dogs Kidz Mission for current schedules/cancellations. 

We All do this for FREE & will put 100% into the children.  Website updates are whenever... Sorry

 Thank you,

The K-Dogs Kidz Family

K-Dogs Calendar