K-Dogs​  Kid​z  Mission​

In Memory of Kyle

A Voice For 

Innocent Children

A Few Videos. . .

Covid Halloween Ride

    Due to Covid, the patients at Children's Hospital were unable to do anything for Halloween.  North Allegeny Mission Leader Ramblingroze (Rebecca) came up with the idea to dress up on motorcycles, cars and trucks to entertain the children.  An amazing idea as help came out from the motorcycle community.

Zeke's School Pickup

    Know one has ever put together this great of a video until Zeke's mother took the time to make it a story. School pickups were the idea of Kyle at only 9 years old!  Kyle noticed the other kids when I used the motorcycle snd Kyle's Bumblebee.  He asked to do another child having issues at school.  When K-Dogs began in 2014, all I did was ask others to join in the ride.  The rest has become a legacy of Kyle, the Original K-Dog.  Kyle's kindness was remarkable to everyone.  

    Unfortunity, certain members had to be removed from K-Dogs Kidz Mission. We have a strict guidline on background checks and how the community views any member.  Children are the most important in handling by Only Certified Members

A Few Videos. . .

Just a visit to say Hi. . .

   Sometimes it is just an easy stop by to meet and visit someone amazing.  This young man was a treasure to be around.  Few people are this open and honest, wish we had more time to spend with him.  As the missions grow, it allows additional members to help continue these relationships.  Join the K-Dogs Brother/Sister Program.  A promise that you will actually receive as much if not more happiness as those you are helping.

Just another K-Dogs Kidz Day. . .

   K-Dogs Kidz Mission members are willing to speak at any school, club, organazation etc. about the changes in bullying in todays society.  The work of K-Dogs is extremely beneficial in early childhood.  K-Dogs wants to make children understand how every child is different and unigue.  Just as the motorcycles and vehicals are used to get their attention.  Teaching the children to Step out and Stand up for those around them.  BE KIND just as Kyle was to everyone.