K-Dogs​  Kid​z  Mission​

In Memory of Kyle

A Voice For 

Innocent Children


There are many ways you can help K-Dogs Kidz Mission

1.  Follow the mission and spread the word of what K-Dogs does.

2.  Donate to the mission.  100% goes directly to the children.
3.  Purchase a K-Dogs product with a donation.  100% goes directly to the children.
4.  Enjoy your motorcycle?  Join K-Dogs and Ride for a Cause!
5.  Enjoy you classic, hot rod or unique vehicle?  Join K-Dogs and Cruise for a Cause!
6.  Enjoy helping a child?  Join K-Dogs and be "A Voice For Innocent Children"
7.  Only need to provide minimal time to make a child smile when your available.
8.  Become a K-Dogs Big Brother/Sister
9.  Become a speaker to the children.
10.  Simply help in anyway you can.
11.  Be a role model/mentor for the children.
12.  Share your experiences to show why you care.
13.  You can be part of the K-Dogs Lucky 13 by making a difference.  Also a unique K-Dogs Jr. Leadership program.